Presentations from the 2021 Southern African HIV Clinicians Society (SAHCS) conference will be shared after the conference has concluded.

Copies of the previous SAHCS conference are listed below.


Southern African HIV Clinicians Society Conference 2018 – Presentations:

Pre-conference workshop A

Pre-conference workshop B

Session 1A

Session 1B

Session 1C

Session 3

Session 4A

Session 5

Session 6A

Session 6B

Session 6C

Session 8A

Session 8B

Session 8C

Session 9A

Session 9C

Session 10A

Session 10B

Session 11

Session 12

Session 13A

Session 13B

Session 13C

Session 15

Session 16A

Session 16B

Session 16C

Session 17

Session 19

Session 20A

Session 20B

Session 20C

Session 22A

Session 22B

Session 22C

Session 23A

Session 23B

Session 23C

Session 24